We only accept projects in the following categories

Film, Music, Dance, Theatre, Art, Design, Photography, Comics and Publishing.


Every idea crowdfunding on our platform must be a ‘project’

Projects on should be time-bound with a tangible outcome in the end such as a film, a music album, a book or a dance event. We do not accept fundraising for company expenses, NGOs, medical expenses etc.


Every project must be original or unique, basically something ‘different’

We like to help unique and original ideas raise funds and don’t accept projects that have been done before.


Projects must have a ‘work-in-progress’ to show

Showing your project’s work-in-progress increases your credibility in the eyes of funders, especially those who don’t know you personally.


Projects must be presented with a ‘pitch video’ - a visual presentation of your idea

A pitch video is a must and we can’t stress its importance enough. Did you know that projects without a pitch video have a 90% chance of failure? Think of it this way, you go to watch a movie only when its trailer looks interesting, right? Similarly, a backer will fund your project only when you pitch it well.


Projects must have a specific funding goal with a maximum of 45 days to reach it does not accept projects that can raise funding indefinitely. You need to define your budget upfront and raise it within 45 days.


Funders on want ‘rewards’ and not financial returns

Funders on want to support interesting ideas and the creative community. They don’t expect any financial return. But they must be rewarded with credits and exclusive access to the projects they are funding. After all, they’re making your dreams come true. Rewards such as early-bird copies, autographed or limited edition merchandize, invitations to the launch, personalized thank you messages, etc. encourage backers to support your project.


It’s All or Nothing

You get your funds only if you have raised 100% or more of your funding goal. If not, the money goes back to the funders ( does not charge its commission if you don’t meet your target).


Don't feel shy when crowdfunding

Be ready to reach out to your personal network - friends, family, alumni, colleagues fans and followers to show them your work and ask for their support!